Health Services

Health Requirements

All students entering 9th grade or enrolling in Chicago Public Schools for the 1st time must have a current physical exam (State of Illinois Certificate of Health) and proof of required immunizations as required by Illinois Law. Any student who does not have a physical exam and immunizations on file with the School Nurse, will be excluded from school until the required records are received. If you need assistance in obtaining the health requirements please contact the school nurse at 773-534-6139 or the Chicago Department of Public Health at 312-826-9600.

Health Conditions

If your child has any medical condition such as asthma, diabetes, or epilepsy, please provide all necessary medical information to the school nurse to ensure that your student is properly cared for in school. We request an annual medical update for students with a chronic illness. Make an appointment with the school nurse if you have any concerns or if your child requires any type of medical accommodations in school.

School Health and Safety


  • Your child has a temperature greater than 100°F
  • vomiting/diarrhea
  • cough with mucus
Please contact your school nurse or medical provider for guidance.

Early Dismissals

All students receiving an early dismissal due to illness must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Emergency Information

Emergency contact information should be accurate at all times. Please inform the school when names or phone numbers are changed.

Sports Physicals

Students who wish to participate in Athletic Programs must have a completed Sports Physical on file. Failure to do so will result in student being excluded from participation.