Library Regular Hours

Monday- Friday
8:30am to 5:45pm

Ms. Jean Scheda
Tell: 773-534-6400 EXT 18691

​​​​​​​Circulation Policy - Students
Books (up to three books)
Loan period: 2 weeks
Renewal period: 2 weeks
No overdue fines

Audiobooks (one audiobook)
Loan period: 1 week
Renewal period: 1 week
No overdue fines
Students will be charged for replacement of lost items.

Circulation Policy - Teachers
Book (up to ten books)
Loan period: 30 days

Audiobooks and Vidoes (up to three titles)
Loan period: 1 week
Renewal period: 1 week

Library Policy for Students

The library is a place for reading and studying. Please enter the library quietly and speak softly.
  • You must have an ID to enter the library.
  • You must have a pass to use the library during your lunch time and your class.
  • No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the library and computer labs. Water only.
  • No active phone calls are allowed in the library.
  • The library materials are for the use of all students. When leaving the library, please return all unchecked-out materials to the library staff.
  • Any students not in compliance with CPS Internet Acceptable Use Policy will lose computer privileges.
  • All school rules apply.