GWCP offers students two application opportunities as 8th grade students: the Selective Enrollment Program and the College to Careers (CTC) Program. Acceptance to either program is competitive and students are encouraged to apply to both programs.

Selective Enrollment Program
Students will be exposed to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that includes Advanced Placement options as early as freshmen year,  four years of world language, and an Accelerated Math Program for students who wish to take five or more years of Math.

Requirements include:
  • 24th percentile NWEA score minimum in reading and math (7th grade)
  • Competitive 7th grade grades
  • 8th grade exam
College-to-Careers Program (CTC)
Students will be exposed to a college preparatory curriculum in their chosen career fields as early as freshmen year. Students will be immersed in their career pathway throughout the four years of high school, including field experiences during their senior year. In addition, students have full access to honors and Advanced Placement courses. Student can choose from Health Science, Pre-Engineering, Information Technology, and Broadcast Journalism and Media.

Requirements include:
  • 24th percentile NWEA score minimum in reading and math (7th grade)
  • 95%+ attendance rate during 7th grade school year
  • 3.0 GPA
Health Science Academy
The Health Science Academy is competitive program for students looking to enter the field of medicine. This program will prepare students for various careers in the medical field as well as provide the preparation needed for success in medical school.
Acceptance into the College to Careers Program does not guarantee admissions into the Health Science Academy. Once accepted into Westinghouse College Prep, additional criteria will be used for those students applying to the Health Science Academy.


Review the activation guide below for more details.

Please contact the Office of Access & Enrollment for application support at 773-553-2060